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Portfolio Delivery Advisor

Published on 25.11.2022


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Job Ad & Profile Description

Position : Portfolio Delivery Advisor

Purpose of Job

Directs and manages the daily operations of the Director Generals Office in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the directorate and the AU’s overall goals.

Main Functions

  • Provides technical and intellectual support in the coordination of tasks within the office of the Director General and in relation to the operations and activities of the portfolio departments.
  • Elaborates and regularly updates activity dashboards related to portfolio of the Office of the Director General .
  • Identifies best practices and monitor effectiveness of the Office’s support to AU.
  • Contributes to the development of strategies to ensure coordination of activities of portfolio departments and implementation of a related business continuity plan
  • Supports the organization of thematic networks, consultations and meetings on cooperation, interdepartmental and inter-organizational relations.
  • Provides technical guidance on matters relating to system review and implementation project in area of specialization, as required.
  • Manages, supervises and provides the necessary training for employees within the Office of the Director General and ensures the timely delivery of the directorate’s goals and effective staff performance evaluation;
  • Designs strategies and programs to contribute to the effective implementation of the activities of the Office of the Director General.
  • Maintains regular working relations with senior stakeholders in Member States and partner institutions in the execution of the mandate of the Office of the Director General.
  • Represents the organisation and communicates its position at conferences.
  • Contributes to the preparation of periodic financial and budget execution reports and monitor budget execution at division level.
  • Maintains a positive work environment that facilitates collaboration and information sharing and is conducive to attracting, retaining, and motivating diverse talent.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Reviews documents/communications/files received from the Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson/Commissioners and provides update to the Director General on same, while action is expected to be taken by respective portfolio department
  • Provides all necessary information to the Director General, to allow accurate and timely exchange with Commissioners/Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson as appropriate on status of files and their review update
  • Manages a centralized archives management system of the ODG, in relation to portfolio departments and their programmes.
  • Coordinates the office’s activities related to portfolio departments that are external to the Commission, and facilitates the organization of meetings addressing the particular subject/programme
  • Oversees the budget formulation and implementation procedure and processes of portfolio departments as well as autonomous offices and organs, and advises the Director General
  • Monitors and tracks progress in the delivery of the Commission’s annual work plan and performance targets;
  • Provides technical support to the Director General in determining annual performance targets for the Commission;
  • Provides technical support and advice to the Director General in the preparation of reports to the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson on progress and challenges in the implementation of the annual work plan of portfolio departments;
  • Supports the Director General in his/her tasks of co-ordinating the preparation of the Chairperson of the Commission’s annual performance report for consideration by the Executive Council, reflecting the overall Commission’s performance in its different directorates, in terms of budget, programme’s execution and conformity to plans;
  • Provides support to the ODG in following up on the implementation on the major statutory programmes run by the Commission as well as its action plans.
  • Leads and supervises the compilation of information and manages the presentation of quarterly activity progress reports on thematic areas for consideration by the Director General
  • Contributes in the preparation/drafting of financial rules and regulations, policies, procedures and processes
  • Reviews and presents recommendations for the Director General’s approval, to guide action plans proposed by departments;
  • Supports the office in putting in place/preparing or improving work processes and procedures, ensuring their codification and formulation in manuals format;
  • Ensure proper implementation of the process and procedures manuals internally within the office and at Commission’s level, in coordination with relevant departments; allow creation of a synergy between the strategic orientation and the operations of technical departments, while ensuring that programme duplication is avoided
  • Provides technical support to the ODG to look into legal advices related to the portfolio departments’ operations, advise on implementation of legal documents, regulatory or conventional documents initiated by the Commission and submitted to the Chairperson for signature
  • Reviews and provides advise to the DG on items linked to agreements and conventions linked to the Commission and its service departments
  • Advises the Director General and prepares staff development proposals, to ensure capacity development efforts that can assist the workforce of portfolio departments deliver on their departments’ mandates; engage with the relevant portfolio department(s) and produce reports.
  • Ensures the proper functioning of centralized and decentralized working systems of the AUC, internally within the AUC HQ, with offices/organs outside the HQ and among such offices/organs, as well as external partnering institutions/organizations and related projects.
Required profile for job ad : Portfolio Delivery Advisor

Academic Requirements And Relevant Experience

  • Master’s degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Law, Finance, Management. International Relations or a related field from a recognized institution plus twelve (12) years of relevant professional experience with at least seven (7) years served in a senior management or advisory role preferably in an inter-governmental organization or national government/public service, international or regional institution, and a minimum of five (5) years supervisory experience
  • Experience in handling of portfolio departments and related files at strategic level in either public or private organizations is required.
  • Experience in formulating and improving working methods, systems and processes. Knowledge and understanding of policies, standards and processes
  • Qualification in Project Management will be an added advantage

Required Skills

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Planning and organizing skills
  • Knowledge and working understanding of AU policies, standards and processes
  • Communication, presentation and report writing skills
  • Knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office suite (Powerpoint, word, excel, infographics etc) and AU computer software systems
  • Ability to actively seek, identify and apply appropriate technology to improve programme delivery
  • Ability to work in teams and in a multi-cultural setting (political and diplomatic work environment)
  • Proficiency in one of the AU official working languages (Arabic, English, French, , Portuguese and Spanish) and fluency in another AU language(s) is an added advantage.

Interview Invitation

  • Self-Presentation - AUC985
  • Strategic Perspective - AUC985
  • Decision Making – Judgement - AUC985
  • Driving Innovation - AUC985
  • Building Partnerships and Collaborations for project management - AUC985

Leaderless Exercise

  • Leaderless Group Discussion Exercise AUC985: Responsibility and Accountability (Think Africa above all)
  • Leaderless Group Discussion Exercise AUC985: Communication with Impact
  • Leaderless Group Discussion Exercise AUC985: Learning Orientation

Functional Competencies

  • Individual Problem-Solving Exercise AUC985: Conceptual Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Individual Problem-Solving Exercise AUC985: Drive for Results
Job criteria for job ad : Portfolio Delivery Advisor
Job category :
Secretarial work, assistantship
Industries :
Associative activities
Social, public and human services
Employment type :
Permanent contract - Fixed-term contract
Region :
Addis Ababa - Afar - Amhara - Awasa - Benishangul-Gumuz - Dire Dawa - Gambela - Harari - Oromiya - Somali - Tigray
Experience level :
5 to 10 years
Educational level :
Number of Position(s) : 1
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