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» IT, software engineering, Internet
Professional experience . More than 10 years
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Remote Sensing Expert
Ethiopian Mapping Agency
03.1992 - 02.1997
-Satellite images and aerial photographs processing/analyzing, which includes appropriate images or aerial photographs identification/selection, image enhancement, geo- referencing, image analysis and classification, and classification accuracy assessment. -Extracting different geographical data (vector data) from satellite images and aerial photographs for mapping and GIS analysis purpose. -Conducting different projects on natural and man-made resources, and on environment using satellite images/aerial photographs and Remote Sensing methods -Writing technical reports on the methodology used to process/analyze the satellite images and findings/results of the projects, as well as preparing maps. - Field data collection, which is collecting of field information for satellite images classification and classification accuracy assessment or for validation of the image classification results. - Assessing and evaluating needs of different users on Remote Sensing services, estimating cost for the services, and deliver the services as demanded. - Preparing different thematic maps from aerial photographs and satellite image upon request by users
GIS Expert
Ethiopian Mapping Agency
02.1997 - 03.2005
- Geospatial database management for topographic maps (together with international consultants from Swedesurvey) which includes, designing and creating geodatabase, creating spatial and non-spatial data, editing the data, checking quality/standard and completeness of the data, spatial and non-spatial data integration, inserting the integrated data into the geodatabase. - Conducting and leading different GIS data creating and managing activities, such as, GIS data digitizing from topographic maps or screen digitizing from satellite images, editing the data, checking for digitizing errors and editing, inserting and integrating attribute/non-spatial data into the digitized spatial data, checking for completeness and consistency of the integrated data, and producing digital and analog maps using the GIS data - Accessing and evaluating demand of users for GIS services, estimating costs for the services, and providing the services as requested. - GIS data collection from filed using aerial photographs, topographic maps and GPS - Giving technical support on GIS for different technical sections and staff at Ethiopian Mapping Agency - Giving training in theoretical and practical GIS
Freelance in GIS, Mapping, Geo-database, GPS, Remote Sensing and Cadastre.
03.2005 - 03.2007
- Consultancy services and conducting different projects using GIS and Remote Sensing methods and geo-information software, such as, ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, MapInfo, etc, software; as well as GPS to collect GIS data -Conducting filed work in to collect GIS data from filed and different secondary sources, and to assess needs of local community and pertinent organizations from the project underway. -Leading/supervising data collection teams in filed -Performing GIS analysis upon request; which includes collection of GIS data (both spatial and non-spatial) about administrative boundaries, infrastructures, service facilities, settlements, etc, editing and checking quality of the data, organizing the data, performing GIS analysis to assist decision makers and planners, and producing maps. -Assisting and advising individuals, researchers in how to use GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to achieve their research objectives. - Assisting private companies in preparing tender documents by writing GIS and Remote Sensing aspects. -Preparing manuals and conducting training on theoretical and practical aspects of GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS.
GIS Engineer
United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT)
03.2007 - 03.2008
- To provide geographic/terrain analysis using GIS and Remote sensing methods - To compile textual, graphic products from text and electronic format of geographic data (vector, raster, aerial photograph, satellite imagery) as well as other source of data. - To conduct field trips to collect and validate data. - To Archive GIS data into the GIS database and maintain it. - To collect information of roads and bridges condition by field work using Trimble and Hand-held GPS to create geodatabase for the data, keep the geodatabase up-to-date by conducting filed work when required or based on up-to-date information obtained from UN polices, and produce a map showing current conditions of the roads and the bridges in the country to assist day-to-day operation of the mission. -To participate in production of Electoral Map for national election held in the country -To prepare manuals and give GPS and Map Reading training for United Nations Polices and Security Personnel.
Geographic Information Assistant
for African Union and United Nations Hybrid Mission In Darfur(UNAMID)
09.2008 - 03.2015
- To carry out research in underground water assessment using GIS and Remote sensing methods to identify groundwater drilling sites for UN team sites in Darfur region- following demands of peacekeeping forces for water, in collaboration with national experts and local administrators. The task includes satellite image analysis, 3D analysis, geological units and structures identification, hydrogeological and river drainage systems analysis. - To carry out geophysical investigation in filed. - To collect filed information to validate accuracy of Remote Sensing and GIS analysis done in office - To prepare technical report about the groundwater assessment results/findings - To conduct filed work together with different sections in the mission and local administrators to identify suitable location for UN team sites in different localities and produce maps for the sites using information collected from the field, satellite images, and secondary GIS data. - To produce different types of map for the UN peacekeeping mission activities upon request - To check quality of produced maps to insure that they are produced according to UN standard - To assist different sections in the mission whenever any GIS related need arises
Freelance in GIS, Mapping, Geo-database, GPS, Remote Sensing and Cadastre.
Since 03.2015
- Consultancy services in GIS data collection from field (primary data),and from different sources (secondary data), editing and checking quality of the data, organizing the data, creating geo-database, validating and entering the data into the geo-database, and performing different GIS analysis as required, producing maps, and writing technical reports. - Assessing and evaluating existing GIS data and cadastral geodatabase management activities in the sub cities office of Addis Ababa-the capital city, jointly with the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building and City Construction (EiABC-AAU) - Giving training on theoretical and practical GIS, Geodatabase, Remote Sensing, and cadastre using Geo-information software. - Assisting and advice individuals, researchers, etc technically in identifying required data and obtaining them from filed or secondary sources. - Filed work to collect GIS data using GPS and topographic maps to perform GIS analysis and produce different types of maps upon request by users with different objectives - Preparing tender documents with private companies on GIS and Remote Sensing aspects
Geographic Information Systems(GIS), Mapping, Geo-database, GPS, Remote Sensing and Cadastre Specialist
Education . Master
Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation/Geo-information Management. Specialized: Cadastre and Land Registration
ITC, The Netherlands
09.2001 - 03.2003
It is all about geo-information science and management, which includes GIS data creation, Geo-database management, GIS analysis, Mapping, Geo-spatial data sharing, Cadastral database management, etc
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Addis Ababa - Afar - Amhara - Awasa - Benishangul-Gumuz - Dire Dawa - Gambela - Harari - Oromiya - Somali - Tigray - International
Addis Ababa
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